Changes to the website!

What's to come?

If you haven't already noticed we're currently going through some changes on our website. We've updated a lot of content and added some new services that we will be offering. This blog will briefly go through some of the changes that will be happening. We plan to have all these additions and changes to be finalized by the end of the month and ready for the new financial year in April. We would also appreciate any feedback that we can on any of the changes to the website and any additions to this. Make sure you keep an eye out through the next month to see the changes take effect.

Remote Support

Currently we have been using TeamViewer to connect to clients which is useful however, there isn't much that you can customize in terms of branding and services. This is why we're now releasing our own remote support software produced by Simple Help. We're very excited to be working with Simple Help to provide our clients old and new, the best remote support that we can offer. We will now have a fully fledged system to which users can join a queue and await for one of our technicians to connect to. Users will be able to download the software via our website. The services page already links to a download however, we're designing our own page that will contain the download links. Alongside the download links will be information on how to use the software and the three different remote support packages (TBA). We will be also offering Finance on selected packages, so that users may recieve a service continuously throughout the year, at a reasonable price and in selected intervals. 

Look out for the page by accessing the link via the Services page.

"Finance on your IT"

We're currently in the process of speaking to multiple financing companies to introduce this into our business. One of our services we provide is IT Support to other businesses and we want to be able to offer a fixed contact over a specific amount of time to which this support can be offered. We want to make it easier for businesses to come to us, negotiate a fixed contact and then we can provide the support through that time frame. In giving a contract it will allow the clients who are on a strict budget to easily organize their payment plans. We plan to do everything with the client in mind and make it easier for both sides.

We may also be offering finance on selected products that are over a certain price.

We will be creating a new page on our website with all the relevant information to financing so make sure to keep an eye out and if you have any questions contact us.

Computer Builds

We will soon be providing three custom PCs each tailored to your needs. We provide customization on the computer builds, allowing users to choose additional hardware to add. Each computer build comes pre-installed with our choice of Anti-Virus, Office 2019 and DC Remote Support software. We offer a unique tailored service so you get exactly what you require. We also provide new and used computers to suit your specifications and budget. Our Products page on the website currently displays items for sale on Ebay. This is something that will be changed into a shop where users can purchase straight from our website. These PC builds will be something we can provide to individual home users or sell in bulk to businesses to which we can then set up. 

When you purchase a computer build from us, you will receive access to the remote support software and able to have a technician connect to you in the hours of Mon-Friday, 9am-5pm.

We will also be starting to sell on Amazon soon, so make sure to keep a look out for an announcement.


In the past half year we've been pushing blogs out that we believe will be informative and helpful to non-technical and technical clients. Currently we don't have filtering on our blogs and this is something that will be changed. We're in the process of developing a new design for the blog section where there will be three sub sections; how to's, news and reviews. Having these sections will allow users to easily find what they're looking for. On our homepage we will also be displaying the newest blog from each section so users won't have to navigate to the blog section to see the latest blogs. There will also be buttons in place so that users can navigate from one blog to another.

What's next?

So as previously mentioned we will be looking to have the above completed by the start of April but may make additions and changes to what is presented. We really look forward to changing our website and showcasing the new services that we will offer. We're also excited to give the blog section a new look so that users can quickly navigate to where they want. If you have any questions about the changes that we're making or have an inquiry about a new service then please get in contact by calling us on 0114 296 0035 or email look forward to hearing from you!