Trade in Old for New

Bring in your old hardware

At Direct Computers we normally recieve a lot of old computers and laptops when transfering people across to new machines. We've decided that we're now offering a trade in service. If we're upgrading you to a new machine, depending on the old one we can offer up to £200 off. This applies for both computers and laptops. We will take the model and specification of your old machine and provide a relevant trade in price. This will then be taken off the order for your new laptop/computer. 

There aren't too many places that provide trade in's for their old hardware and we understand it's not always easy to get rid of your old computer/laptop. The process we will follow is either strip the computer for parts or sell it on as it is. If we believe there isn't much value in your machine we can also recycle it. This way we can provide you a certificate using one of our partners, to prove that it has been destroyed correctly and professionally. Especically if you're trading in a machine with a hard drive which at some point will of contained personal data, it's important that it gets professionally destroyed. 

The benefits of trading in are:

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